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     It was a mob, a nonviolent one to be sure, but a mob all the same.  Cameras, reporters, conspiracy protesters and pro-symbiotic demonstrators…hundreds of voices demanding attention; all being held back from the walkway to the hospital entrance by nothing more than police tape and mounted officers on horseback.  It didn’t look like it would be enough, but the barer held.
    Ray wanted to sink into the ground and hide.  He already had a long day starting at four in the morning at the factory.  He stank of sweat and wore his beat up t-shirt with a stupid phone company logo that he hated (he didn’t see the need to be a walking billboard, he just wore that shirt because he didn’t mind ruining it), old slightly baggy jeans with a hole in the left knee and heavy work boots that hurt his feet and he desperately wanted to take off.  His brown hair was a bit of a mess and he had faint dark circles unde
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Eden Symbiotic Prologue
     The beginning of Eden’s history is a strange and tragically violent one.  In the beginning, Eden had another name, Za-ru-crosh, which meant ‘New Hope’ in the language of the Ozbeen.
     Za-ru-crosh was an uninhabited planet with Earth-like conditions that spun in a solar system much like Earth’s own with three moons instead of only one.  The first was just a bit smaller than Earth’s moon and the farthest out.  The second moon was smaller still and the third and closest moon was the smallest.  They were called The Three Sisters.  Even centuries later, after Za-ru-crosh’s name was changed to Eden, their name endured.
     The recorded history of New Hope begins in another distant galaxy when a fleet of colonial ships “set sail” across the void to their new home world.  It begins with a hope for peace and freedom from oppression, ou
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Unexpected Cargo Ch. 1
Chapter 1
      A desperate man fled through a desolate landscape east towards the safety of the weathered stones ahead.  He hoped he had lost his pursuers for good this time.  The day was already beginning to grow hot and he carried no water, food or gear to help him to survive for long and he needed to find shelter from the desert sun until nightfall.  His dust colored robes and pants billowed back in the rising wind and he worried that a sandstorm might be approaching.  It would a blessing if he found shelter in time.
      Jonathan Taylor Smith, who was sometimes also known as Desert Rat, didn't really know why he was being pursued so determinedly across the Red Sands Desert by King Richard's personal guards.  He was just a political nobody that transported cargo and passengers; offered his services in various trades in general labor now and again.  He had made himself an excellent reputation for always delivering
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An Admirals Last Day
Thomas stood frozen, shocked with fear thinking at speeds that he couldn't even process. His thoughts racing repeatedly through his mind as podracers do around a track. Thomas realized for the first time that his time has come; he was going to die. Thomas was on the bridge of his Star Destroyer looking out through its perfectly transparent windows watching identical Star Destroyers explode or implode while hearing the screams of their captains from the comms station nearby. TIE fighters were everywhere, hundreds of them were deployed into combat. Unfortunately, the rebels had hundreds of their X-wing fighters which easily outmatched the TIE fighters. This paved the way for their Y-bombers which swiftly overwhelmed the Star Destroyers. s Thomas stood frozen in shock as he heard a faint voice grow louder and louder filled with fear as it approached him. This had Thomas dazed until he was violently shoved back into reality. He reflexively turned around unholstering his blaster pistol brin
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Just Designs by CherokeeGal1975 Just Designs :iconcherokeegal1975:CherokeeGal1975 9 0
A Journey Through War
War, such a minuscule word that has claimed a monstrous amount of lives. It's an interesting little word that engulfs your mind as you think more about it as your thoughts delve deeper and deeper into the exhilarating skirmishes brave soldiers  fought to give what you have today.  War fortunately  has to be carefully crafted like an exquisite painting; generals are the talented artists, the battlefield is the canvas, soldiers are the graceful brushes, gushing blood is the paint, and death is the admirer of these grand works. The dark hidden shadow that hides in plain sight following all to their eventual demise requests these grand creations for himself by corrupting the thoughts of those in great power, convincing the good to do bad and the  bad to lay down their fist. Once he starts his work, even the calmest, peaceful nobles become hotheaded, warmongering, behemoths relentlessly obliterating all in their path to fill their new thirst that death admitted to them.
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The Journey of the Tsar, chapter 1
Chapter One: The Traveller
A gunshot sounded over the tired breaths of the horses pulling the plough, startling Sara out of her daydream. She looked about the brown, muddy field for the source of the noise as she stopped the plough, hopping off and grabbing the rake for protection. She couldn't see far, as this part of the farm lay in a small valley, but she could hear the clang of swords hitting each other from the direction of the forest's edge, behind one of the small hillocks surrounding her. Her heart ignited in bitter fury as she realised it could only be the raiders again, the anger she'd felt ever since her mother's funeral returning in full force. Before she knew what she was doing, she was running for the sounds, picking up a shovel she'd used earlier that morning for good measure.
On the small, unpaved road between the Zukas family's fields and the dense pine forest, a thin, very tall man was fighting off three assailants in long, black coats. He was clearly a capable swords
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the one ring
one ring
many have sought to possess it
some have killed for it
most have never managed to get their hands on it
and the ones who have
some among them have done truly terrible things with it
yet it is a mere tool
an instrument of power through which many things can be accomplished
whether for good
or for ill
or so i thought
those seven years ago
when i first slipped that ring upon my finger
yes it was a ring of power
but it was not the kind of power i had imagined
with this ring i would make this world a good place
a better place
or so i used to think
it was not so easy
yes the ring could control people
most everyone all the time
but there were some who operated partly outside the ring s influence
some in the shadows
some in the light
and some lost in the wilderness
they were not completely immune to the ring s powers
but if they moved fast enough
if they stayed hidden long enough
i soon found they could reach me before i could defend myself
and the ones in t
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Character Quiz
#1 Answer these for your character (or soon to be character)to develop their personality!
Physical description
hair color:
hair type:
hair length:
ornaments in hair: bow/beads/ribbons/hair bands/clips
eye color:
skin color:
body type:
Dresses: long/short
Kimono/Sari/ Cheongsam/contemporary/robe
Victorian/medieval/renaissance/Lolita/ sporty (color)
V-neck/cropped/long sleeve/short sleeve (color)
baseball cap/wool hat/hood/tiara/crown/jester cap/animal cap/"Link" hat/fedora/pageboy hat/beret/bridal veil/headdress
Pretty add-ons:
Jewelry- cuffs/pearls/amulet/beads/friendship bracelet/gimp/choker/earrings/rings/ankle bracelet
Makeup- eye shadow/blush/eye liner/lipstick/ traditional markings
mask- war-like/mystical/superhero
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Mature content
Dark Hunters: Rise of the Syndicate :iconbigkyle992:bigkyle992 0 0
A long sea
By: Kevin Carlson, and Aaron Hartmann
Story 1
Intro log
Hi I'm john and I live on a small island that is isolated from the long sea, so I stole a ship call the SS_midnite rose. now I live with my brother who is younger than me and now we sail the long sea
Log 1
So the first day was good. We eat some steak and some potatoes. My brother loves potatoes. We don't see any land but I'm not giving up now. Are land need to see the outside land.
Log 2
We start to see land from another place than our own. I can't wait to meet some of the People live there. My brother is very antisocial, but I will do the talking. What I'm hoping that we will trade some equipment for some food and other stuff.
Log 3
We got to the island and found a village of some reptilian humanoids, well they look almost human but they have snakeskin on their shoulders and on their chest. They have really good looking clothing. And the village looks like the fairytale city name Paris. They speak are languages which is creepy that another race speaks Urocken I’m still happy that we found land.
Log 4
Well, I found out what they call themselves Hydroths. They are part of 3 races all starting in Hy
Hydroths: the most common. They can regenerate their skin and heal them self
Hyvos: A green reptilian race that loves book, seems to be the more intelligent race out of all of them
Hydrats: A three-headed race that has 6 arms but shares the same body
They have some good food here, wish I knew what is was called, but is like Uroken sandwich with fish and mayo but in a circle disk that they fold up. Well, I must be going.
Log 5
Well, we may have made some of the villager mad at me because a girl fell in love with a girl from the village a high-class girl, they call her class the blue class and I can guess what happened next. She wanted to go along with me and we now are a crew, and now with some inside help we will sail in the long sea

Author's notes: I hope you like it, please give correct any errors that I may have,
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